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Updated: May 3, 2022

You never know what you might find. We have Antiques, Electronics, Clothing, Toys and So Much More.

Coming soon to Peddlers Riverside Bargains Specializing in Namebrand Merchandise for a Fraction of the Cost

BOTH 21 Richard: Specializing in Electronics, DVDS, Kitchen and Houseware

BOOTH 27: Sam Bailey

Specializing in New and Used General Merchandise and Amazon Skits all Check Before Sale. 50 Percent off Market Price. Also Sales on Facebook Marketplace.

BOOTH 29 & 11 Lily:

Specializing in Women's and men's Clothing & Shoes

BOOTH 44 Red & Faye:

Specializing in Antiques, Coins Jewelry and Toys

Booth 53 Becky Braun:Clothing, Toys and Household Items

Booth 65 Joe Johnson: Tools

Booth 64 Chuck and William:

Specializing in Signs Decals and custom Graphic Apparel.

T-shirts, Hoodies, Embroidery Patches

Booth 67: Ruth Newell


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Jasmine Tom
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